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MSD Powersports Small Engine Ignition Controls

MSD Ignition
MSD Powersports Small Engine Ignition Controls

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MSD's Small Engine Controller is designed for single cylinder 4-stroke engines like Briggs & Stratton®, Tecumseh or Cushman engines. Made with a precise Hall Effect trigger which replaces the stock points. The stock ignition on these engines just can't deliver the powerful spark you need once you've started modifying them to run with higher compression heads and on exotic fuels. We offer a CDI system that produces in excess of 30,000-volts for a full 18° of crankshaft rotation. The MSD Small Engine Controller will produce quicker starts, crisper throttle response, reduced plug fouling, and more power throughout the entire RPM range.

  • Replaces Points
  • For single cylinder 4-stroke engines
  • 30,000-volt output
  • Hall Effect trigger replaces points
  • Crisper throttle response
  • NHRA Legal!

    NOTE: There is a built-in curve. A total of 5° retard at 1° per thousand. Also note that it can be powered by any 12 volt source or two 7.2 volt NiCad batteries. The MSD Small Engine Controller is more than capable of handling increased cylinder pressures, higher RPM, and even alcohol. This incredible power comes from a Capacitive Discharge Ignition design that is able to deliver a spark in excess of 30,000 volts! This spark is also packed with 100 millijoules of energy and will burn across the plug gap for up to 18° of crankshaft rotation. This incredible power will produce quick starts, crisp throttle response and more power!

  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC, Neg. Ground
  • RPM Range: 10,000 (1 Cylinder)
  • Energy Output Max: 100 Millijoules/spark
  • Multiple Spart Duration: 14° - 18°
  • Current Requirements: 1.5amps @ 10,000 RPM
  • Weight/Dimensions: .50lbs, 3.5" L x 2" W x 1.5" H
  • Voltage Output: Primary 450 Volts
  • Secondary: (Open Circuit) 30+ KV w/MSD Coil

    Besides the increased power of the MSD, the system also lets you easily adjust the timing! Stock ignitions tend to retard the timing at higher rpm while the MSD's Hall Effect Pickup is much more accurate throughout the rpm range of your engine. Also, the trigger pickup plate is designed so you can adjust the position of the pickup. This lets you easily and safely adjust the timing. On stock engines you will have to remove the woodruff key on the crankshaft which will cause costly engine or even personal damage. The MSD system lets you set the timing from 14° to 38° by simply adjusting the position of the trigger pickup.The Small Engine Ignition kit can be powered by any 12 volt source or by two NiCad 7.2 volt batteries run together.

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