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MSD Powersports 660 Rhino Single Cylinder Programmable Ignition Box

MSD Ignition
MSD Powersports 660 Rhino Single Cylinder Programmable Ignition Box

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PC Programmable, High Output Ignition Box

This MSD Powersports single cylinder programmable ignition box is designed for use on 660 Rhino single cylinder motorcycle type 2 and 4-stroke engines. It delivers increased spark energy and voltage through the entire RPM range and provides the user with a variety of programmable functions including mapping two timing curves, setting a launch RPM limit, using TPS for timing control and more. There are two timing curves that can be switched between through wire activation. Both timing maps allow up to 20 points to be plotted in 100 RPM and 1° increments from 0-16,000 RPM and 0-50°. The Brown/White wire is used to switch between Curve A and B. When it is connected to ground, Curve B is selected. These curves can also be set up relative to TPS voltage input from closed throttle to Wide Open Throttle.

  • Programmable Two Timing Curves Mapping, Setting a Launch RPM Limit
  • Timing Function Control
  • Timing Curve with up to 20 Points Across the Engine rpm Range
  • Accepts Magnet Pickup or Hall-Effect Trigger Inputs
  • Program a rev limit for the launch and one for overrev applications
  • Fits Rhino 660

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