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OPTIMA Chargers Digital 400 12V Battery Maintainer and Charger

Optima Batteries
OPTIMA Chargers Digital 400 12V Battery Maintainer and Charger

12V Performance Battery Maintainer and Charger

The OPTIMA® Chargers™ Digital 400 Battery Maintainer and Charger automatically maximizes and extends battery life of OPTIMA and other AGM batteries. It recovers deeply discharged batteries that other maintainers simply cannnot. This new product offers one of the best user interfaces on the market, a hybrid LED battery charging gauge with an LCD display that shows battery charging (fill) rate with charger mode and fault mode indication messages. Other innovative features include quick set selections with LED indicators that prompt users with a quick and easy selection of charge and maintain profiles by battery type including AGM and standard flooded (lead acid) batteries, an integrated cable wrap and wall organizer bracket for easy storage of the included six foot AC and interchangeable quick disconnect clamp and ring terminal (for stored or seasonal use vehicles) DC cables and the dual purpose
hook and tilt bracket allows for in-vehicle hanging and angled stand viewing on a flat surface!

The new 4 Amp OPTIMA Chargers Digital 400 Battery Maintainer and Charger is designed to be used on both traditional flooded (lead acid) or AGM batteries. It can be used to maintain Automotive, Truck, Marine and RV applications when not in use or for charging and maintaining your Motorcycle, Powersports, Lawn and Garden applications, best of all it will automatically maximize the charging profile for each application, while giving every battery the ability to perform at the ultimate level when you need it!

  • Automatically maximizes battery life and performance with a built-in battery health mode
  • Recovers discharged batteries other chargers cannot
  • Hybrid LED battery charging gauge with LCD display
  • Dual purpose hook and tilt stand design or hang it with the included wall organizer bracket
  • Integrated cable management and cord wrap
  • Quick set battery type selection for easy operation
  • Interchangeable battery clamps and ring terminals
  • Innovative multiuse design
  • Spark-free connection technology
  • Reverse polarity and over temperature protection
  • At-a-glance battery connected and check battery icons
  • Ambient air temperature compensation during charging
  • Pre-charge battery status display mode
  • Patent-pending design and software

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    Digital 400 12V Battery Maintainer and Charger
  • Includes: 6' AC and DC Cables, Wall Organizer Bracket and Mounting Hardware
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    1 Product