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TurboStart 16 Volt Battery Charger & Maintainer

Turbo Start
TurboStart 16 Volt Battery Charger & Maintainer

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TurboStart has designed a charger and maintainer for their 16V batteries to keep them ready for you round after round. The 903-AMG25A19V charger is a fully automatic 16 volt charger with a 25 amp/19 volt max output for charging their AGM Series sealed, maintenance free 16 volt Racing or Car Audio batteries. The 903-CHG16V18A maintainer has an output of 1.8 Amps/18.5 Volts and is designed to keep your battery in top shape during the week or prolonged down time at home.

2 Products
Battery Charger

16 Volt Battery Charger
  • 25 Amp
  • $228.99
    Battery Maintainer

    16 Volt Battery Maintainer
  • 1.8 Amp
  • 18.5 Volt Out
  • $58.99

    2 Products