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Holley 302-1 - Holley GM LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan

Holley 302-1 - Holley GM LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan


LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan Kit
  • Fits 1955-87 GM Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Trucks
  • Sump Baffle
  • Pickup Tube
  • Sump Plug
  • Oil Filter Stud
  • Oil Passage Cover

    Holley 302-1 - Holley GM LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan Details

    Oil Pan

    JEGS One-Piece Oil Pan Gasket or equivalent required but not included: 555-210890

    Holley 302-1 - Holley GM LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan

    Swap in Some Modern LS Engine Power!

    Holley's LS Retrofit Engine Oil Pan is built to maximize clearance to the chassis & ground, plus provide OE fitment for proper sealing & durability.

  • Cast & machined aluminum
  • Maximum clearance to chassis
  • Requires use of LS3 oil dipstick
  • OE fitment of oil filter mounting, oil cooler port provision, engine NVH suppression, flange gasket, and bellhousing attachments
  • Fits GM rear wheel drive vehicles originally equipped with a small block or big block Chevy engine and traditional rear sump oil pan (engine location may need adjustment up/down or fore/aft for crossmember or steering linkage clearance depending on vehicle, steering configuration, and chassis type)

  • Traditional Rear Sump Layout
  • External Sump Width: 9.75"
  • External Sump Length: 7.65" (from bellhousing flange)
  • External Sump Max Depth: 5.89" (from mounting flange)
  • Sump Oil Capacity: 5.5 quarts
  • Total Oil Capacity with Stock Oil Filter: 6 quarts

    Click Here for comparison of Stock vs. Holley LS Engine Retrofit Oil Pan 302-1 and LS Camaro/Firebird Oil Pan 302-2 Dimensions

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  • Holley 510-302-1

    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Small Block LS Series
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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