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Edelbrock 7111 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifolds & Kits for Olds

Edelbrock 7111 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifolds & Kits for Olds


Performer RPM Olds 330-403 Manifold
  • Oldsmobile,307/330/350/403
  • Non-EGR
  • 1500-6500 rpm

    Edelbrock 7111 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifolds & Kits for Olds Details

    Olds 307-403

    Designed for 330-350-403 c.i.d. Oldsmobiles and 1980-1/2 to 1985 307-inch engines with 5A heads (casting #3317). The Performer RPM Olds manifold is a high-rise, dual-plane design with 180° firing order engineered for maximum top-end horsepower while maintaining throttle response.

    Installation Notes:
  • Recommended intake gasket: Jegs 555-210700
  • Port exit dimensions: 1.22'' x 1.86''
  • Manifold height: (A) 4.80'' , (B) 5.80''; Carb pad height = 5.30''
  • View Manifold ''A/B'' Measurement Guide.
  • Port flange has extra material above the runner for use with 455 heads
  • Has clearance for HEI distributor
  • Square bore 4150 style carb flange
  • No provision for OEM choke
  • OEM carb requires conversion to electric/manual choke
  • Will not clear hood on 403 Olds Firebird/TA
  • Recommended camshaft: Edelbrock Performer RPM 350-7112

  • Edelbrock 7111 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifolds & Kits for Olds

    1500-6500 RPM Power!

    The Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifolds for 330-350-403 c.i.d. and 1980-1/2 to 1985 307 c.i.d. engines with 5A heads (casting #3317) Oldsmobile engines feature a 180° firing order to produce significant gains in mid range torque as well as upper RPM horsepower while maintaining excellent throttle response. The cast aluminum construction features a high-rise, dual plane style with large plenums and runners that compliment street or competition engine modifications like headers, dual exhaust and upgraded ignition systems. An upgrade to a matching Performer RPM camshaft and cylinder heads will give you the ultimate performance advantage. Intended for street or strip high performance applications these intake manifolds do not feature provisions for emissions equipment or factory heat riser/divorced style choke.

    Edelbrock 350-7111

    RPM Range
    Engine Make/Size
    Olds 307-403
    Number Of Carbs
    Without EGR
    Cylinder Head Type
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