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Moroso 20385 - Moroso Drag Race Oil Pans

Moroso 20385 - Moroso Drag Race Oil Pans


Drag Race Oil Pan
  • Fits Comp Eliminator, Super Gas/Comp and Bracket Cars
  • Installation may require modification to cross-member
  • Big Block Chevy Mark IV
  • Wet Sump
  • Capacity: 6-quart w/Standard, 7-quart w/Hi-Volume Pump
  • 8" Depth
  • Aluminum

    Moroso 20385 - Moroso Drag Race Oil Pans Details

    Pro Eliminator Pans - Chevy

    Recommended Pickups:
  • 710-24440 Fits Moroso Big Block Chevy Race pump 710-22150, 710-22160 or 710-22162 and Standard or Hi-Volume Stock Oil Pumps
  • 710-24441 Fits Same Pumps as above but is offset to middle of sump for more consistent oil pressure

    Oil Pump/Pickup Packages:
  • 710-22175 Moroso Standard Volume
  • 710-22185 Moroso Hi-Volume
  • 710-22186 Moroso Hi-Volume (with offset pickup)
  • 710-22163 Moroso Billet Aluminum Big Block Chevy Hi-Volume
  • 710-22164 Moroso Billet Aluminum Big Block Chevy Standard
  • 710-22167 Moroso Hi-Volume

  • Fully fabricated pan utilizing "Race" pan rail bolt pattern
  • Accepts 4.75" stroke with aluminum rods
  • Billet end seals ensure consistent sealing surface to billet front covers and rear main caps
  • Sump design works with Moroso spur gear and gerotor billet oil pumps
  • Double kick-out design ensures large stroke, wide main cap clearance and maximum horsepower
  • Solid Louvered windage tray w/main cap partitions for maximum power and oil control
  • Removable plugs with o-ring seal provide access to pan mounting bolts
  • Bolt holes are relocated to avoid interference with rods (requires drilling and tapping of block pan rail on some blocks)
  • For use with 168-tooth flywheel combinations

    Note: Oil pan capacities do not include oil filter capacity

  • Moroso 20385 - Moroso Drag Race Oil Pans

    Available in both wet and dry sump versions, Moroso Drag Race Oil Pans are intended for the racer looking for maximum horsepower gain and oil control during straight-line acceleration.

    Eliminator Pans: For the economy minded racer. These pans improve oil control for solid horsepower gains. The large power kickout, integral crankshaft scraper, windage tray, and internal baffling insure quick oil return to the pick up area under the most severe racing conditions.

    Pro Eliminator Oil Pans: Designed for ultra-high horsepower applications. These box style pans are the result of over 35 years of R&D. These pans offer the right combination of oil control and power producing features.

    Ultra Pro Dry Sump Oil Pans: For racers who demand the very best! These pans offer the ultimate in dry sump technology. They are available for 3, 4, 4-1/2, and 5 stage systems. They feature a maximum size power kickout, block high scraper, uni-directional windage tray screen, and special baffling.

    Super Fueler Oil Pans: These pans were the first to break the 300 MPH barrier for nitro-burning and alcohol dragsters and funny cars. They are available for both Chrysler and aftermarket blocks.

    Note: All steel pans will have a clear zinc finish.

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