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How To Measure Your Truck Bed

November 22, 2022  -  Truck Parts & Accessories

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The bed length on your pickup truck is an essential piece of information worth knowing. It will help you decide how much luggage or load it will be able to accommodate, and it’ll give you the ability to make crucial decisions about accessories like tonneau covers and bed covers. 

If you get an accessory that isn’t compatible with your truck, you risk wasting your time and money. Measuring truck bed sizes is a simple yet crucial part of owning a pickup. Here’s all you need to know about measuring your truck bed.

Steps to Measure Your Truck Bed

As you might expect, you only need a measuring tape to measure your truck bed. Here are the steps you can follow to get an accurate measurement that you can use to purchase any accessories.

Measure The Length of the Bed

With the measuring tape, measure the truck bed length along the bed rail from inside the bulkhead all the way to the inside of the tailgate. Ensure that the measuring tape is running in a straight line and not sagging in the middle. You only need to know the bed length to find suitable accessories for your truck bed.

Make Necessary Adjustments

Truck bed cover manufacturers always round off the measurement of their products to the nearest inch. If you find that the bed length on your vehicle is in the form of a fraction, it’s always a good idea to round up to the nearest inch. If you still can’t find an accessory that’s precisely the same length as your bed, you might be able to use one that’s off by an inch or two. 

You can follow the above mentioned steps for most bed accessories like bed rails, bed liners, and tonneau covers. 

Consult Your Truck Bed Manufacturer Information

When you buy a truck, you might have the option to choose from different bed lengths. For instance, the RAM 1500 can be optioned with either a ‘Light Duty’ bed or a ‘Heavy Duty’ bed. Typically, the former will come with a shorter bed — usually 5 feet 8 inches long — while the latter gets more room as an extended bed truck — mostly 6 feet 6 inches long but occasionally 8 feet long. That said, this may not be the case with your vehicle, so it’s always best to double-check. 

Checking your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website should help you find the exact specifications of your truck and the factory-fitted bed it has. 

Consulting your truck manufacturer is the best way to find the exact specifications of your truck bed. This should help you easily find the exact-fit size of the required accessories.

How to Find Truck Accessories That Fit

Once you know your truck’s bed length, picking the accessories for it is incredibly straightforward. Tonneau covers are a great example. Tonneau covers are one of the most popular and practical accessories you can get for your vehicle, as they secure the products in your truck bed. 

As we mentioned above, knowing the exact length of your truck bed will help you select the right product quickly and avoid the hassle of getting a part that doesn’t fit. At JEGS, you can filter accessories using your truck's year, make, and model, making it super simple to find the right parts. You can get a locking tonneau cover for your vehicle or select from individual accessories, including adapter kits, replacement corners, rail protectors, and more. 

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