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Computer Tuning

Car Computer Tuning

Performance tuners and performance chips allow you to improve power and performance for your fuel-injected vehicle by optimizing programming as well as fuel and ignition parameters. JEGS offers a wide selection of car tuners, programmers, monitors, and data loggers for sale from top manufacturers like Edge Products, Hypertech, Jet Performance, Superchips, as well as others. Each car tuner, programmer, monitor, and data logger is made from high quality components and assembly so you can get the programming or monitoring performance you want at a price you can afford with the assurance you need.

The Benefits of Buying Car Tuners, Programmers, Monitors, And Data Loggers

When properly matched, performance car tuning products allow you to improve power and performance for your vehicle. JEGS offers car tuners, programmers, monitors, and data loggers online and with over six decades in the business, JEGS is the performance tuning product superstore.

Customer Questions About Car Tuners, Programmers, Monitors, And Data Loggers

It may be difficult to know where to start when purchasing computer tuning products. There are many different factors to consider when shopping tuners, programmers, monitors, and data loggers for trucks and cars including brands, price, performance capabilities, and more. Because car tuning parts can often be a significant investment, it is important to do your research and get all your questions answered prior to making a final purchase. If you are trying to learn more about a tuner for cars or trucks, we can help you along the way. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about car tuners, programmers, monitors, and data loggers:

What Is Done In Car Tuning?

Truck and car computer chips as well as automotive computer tuning programmers change factory settings and parameters in a vehicle's computer software for the engine and transmission systems. These changes improve horsepower, torque, transmission shift characteristics as well as raise the top speed and engine RPM limiters in addition to many other options.

Does Tuning Your Car Hurt It?

When done properly, car tuning will not hurt your vehicle. All pre-programmed truck and car computer tuning products and car tuning program options are extensively tested by manufacturers to ensure that no harm will result from using them. However, if the safety parameters are modified or you choose to manually tune your vehicle, great care must be taken so that damage will not result. Otherwise, repair will be needed to the negatively affected components.

How To Tune A Car Computer

Depending on the car tuning kit, the process of automotive tuning will vary. For most pre-programmed performance tuners for cars, the instructions involve connecting the programmer to the OBD port on the vehicle (typically under the dash), turning the key in the ignition to the "on" position (without starting the vehicle), and following the prompts on the programmer display. Some truck and car computer programmers do not use any software and instead use a power control module installed between the ECM and wiring harness. For manual car computer programming, a laptop and OBDII (or other system) connection is required. In addition, car tuning software that will access the factory automotive programming software and allow you to make changes will be necessary.

How To Reset A Car Computer

Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the process of reprogramming the computer can vary or may not be possible to perform. In most cases, disconnecting the battery for an hour or two will reset the computer, as power is required in order for many computers to retain their memory. Be aware that disconnecting the battery may lock the radio, HVAC system, or other vehicle electrical systems in some applications until a unique code or button sequence is entered on the dashboard or radio. Once the appropriate time has passed, reconnect the battery and start the vehicle. If the issue goes away, the computer has been reset. Otherwise, further diagnosis or car computer repair will be required.

How To Test A Car Computer

To test a car computer, connect it to a scan tool / code reader. Most vehicles use an OBD II system but not all, so confirm which type your vehicle uses. The scan tool will confirm if the car computer is working and also provide any error codes, if present.

Can't Find The Car Tuner, Programmer, Monitor, Or Data Logger You Are Looking For?

A JEGS expert is ready to answer your questions and help you find the car tuner, programmer, monitor, or data logger that you need for your fuel-injected street or race vehicle.

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