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Chrome & Engine Dress-Up

Chrome Engine Parts & Car Dress Up Kits

Adding polished or chrome engine parts and interior components to your vehicle helps to improve looks and turn heads, whether on the street or at a car show. Your vehicle's value is also increased with the addition of chrome parts for cars and trucks. JEGS offers chrome engine parts & car dress up kits from top brands such as Billet Specialties, Mr. Gasket, Proform, RPC, JEGS, and more. Browse our full line of chrome engine parts for 350 Chevy, Ford small and big block engines, Mopar V8 motors, and more to complete your next street or show vehicle project.

Why You Should Buy Chrome Engine Parts & Car Dress Up Kits

Modifying your vehicle with chrome car parts improves looks under the hood as well as in your vehicle's interior, turning heads everywhere you go. It also adds value to your car, truck, street rod, or custom automotive application, should you decide to sell it.

Improved Looks Under The Hood And In The Interior

Accessorizing your engine compartment or vehicle interior enhances its appearance and provides a unique look that will turn heads on the street, at the track, or when attending a car show. This can be an ice-breaker to a conversation to share ideas and discover additional ways to make your car or truck even more unique.

Increased Vehicle Value

Adding dress up engine and interior parts finished with metal polishing or chrome plating increases its value, should you sell it. Chrome engines and customized interiors bring attention and are highly desirable, saving a potential buyer time that they would have to spend to make the upgrades themselves.

FAQs & Information Regarding Chrome Engine Parts & Car Dress Up Kits

Chrome adapters, engine equipment, and automotive dress up kits help to make your vehicle unique, standing out from the rest. It is important to understand what parts are included in a dress up kit, what options are available, and where to buy chrome engine parts. To help you with your research, we have provided answers to top questions about chrome engine parts and car dress up kits:

What Is An Engine Dress Up Kit?

An engine dress up kit is a group of highly visible parts that are finished in a bright color or finish to make a motor more visually appealing. Typical dress up parts include valve covers, air cleaner, timing cover, oil pan, valve cover breathers, bolts, and hardware. Common finishes on engine dress up parts consist of chrome plating, polished or anodized aluminum, as well as powder coating.

Where To Buy Chrome Engine Parts

There are many options to buy chrome engine dress up parts (350 chrome engine dress up kit or LS1 chrome engine parts, for example) online, but only one clear destination. With over 60 years in the business, JEGS has been selling dress up engine and vehicle components (i.e. chrome differential covers) for a long time, offers competitive prices, and ships in-stock items fast, often the same day.

What Are The Accessories On An Engine?

You may be asking yourself, "What are engine accessories?" Accessories on an engine are components or parts that connect to it but are not essential to its operation, either short or long-term. Examples on an engine accessories list include valve cover breathers, air cleaner, spark plug wire retainers, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, alternator, chrome engine battery mounts, and PCV valve.

Improve Your Vehicle's Looks And Value With Chrome Engine Parts And Car Dress Up Kits From JEGS

Upgrading your engine or vehicle's interior parts with a dress up kit that is either chrome or billet with a mirror finish dramatically transforms the way it looks. It also increases your vehicle's value. View our large selection of chrome engine components and car dress up kits to complete your next project, whether a 383 stroker chrome kit, small block Ford kit, or Mopar engine kit.