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Automotive Shifters, Shifter Knobs & Components

Whether your car or truck transmission is automatic or manual / standard, an auto or manual transmission shifter assembly is needed in order to your ride in gear. It is also important that your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission shifter works properly and looks good in your muscle, classic, or race vehicle. To help you out with an upgrade, JEGS offers performance shifters, shifter knobs, and components online from the best manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, including Hurst, Lokar, B&M, Turbo Action, JEGS, and others. View our wide selection of manual shifters, automatic shifters, custom shifter knobs (including resin shift knob options), as well as installation components that will help you complete your next race, drift, or street vehicle project.

The Benefits Of Buying Performance Automotive Shifters, And Shifter Knobs

There is more than one advantage to purchasing and installing a performance shifter for your vehicle. The first benefit is improved shifting control, with safeties that prevent accidentally moving into the wrong gear. Adding or upgrading your shifter also helps you to make your vehicle's interior more unique, with a customized look.

Improved Shifting

Upgrading your factory shifter, whether on the column or floor, to a performance version results in improved shifting through each gear. This accomplished though the use of safeties and gates that prevent accidentally moving the lever into the wrong gear.

Allows You To Customize Your Vehicle's Interior

Adding or upgrading your factory shifter with a cool and aftermarket option will help provide a unique appearance for your car or truck's interior. Shifters are available in different colors, styles, and finishes to match your steering wheel or other custom components in the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

Customer Questions About Performance Automotive Shifters, And Shifter Knobs

A shifter allows you to put your vehicle's transmission in the desired gear. It is important to understand what shifters are as well as how to replace the shift knob and cable should they need it. To help you with your research, we have provided the below answers to the most common questions about gear shifter components:

What Are Shifters?

Automotive shifters are hand-operated controls used by the driver, which change the transmission into the desired gear via a shifter cable connection. This allows the vehicle to move either forward, reverse, or in park (for automatic shifter applications), as well as neutral, where power is not transferred to the drivetrain from the engine. Transmissions are designed in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 speed, and 8 speed configurations and therefore need the correct shifter to match. Automatic racing shifters are designed to prevent overshifting by using a metal shift gate that the lever hits for each shift as well as safety levers that prevent accidentally putting in Reverse or park.

How To Remove Automatic Shifter Knob

The steps on how to replace shifter knob components can vary, depending on the application. Aftermarket automatic shifter knobs, as well as manual shift knobs, usually are threaded and can be unscrewed from the top of the stick or lever. A jam nut is used to keep the shifter knob from becoming loose and will need to be rotated away from the auto / manual shifter knob to allow removal. In late-model vehicles, shift knobs are often attached with clips or other methods. The best way to properly remove the knob in factory applications is to research the instructions in a vehicle or shop manual for your specific application. If your shift knob uses a push button to operate an electric component such as nitrous solenoid, transbrake, or line lock, It will need to be carefully removed without damaging the wiring. If you are replacing the shifter knob with a universal automatic shifter knob, select the correct thread adapter that is included with the kit to complete installation.

How To Replace A Shifter Cable On A Car

Depending on the vehicle, the instructions to replace shifter cables will change. When replacing the old shifter cable, always confirm the new version matches the one it is replacing as well as confirming it is long enough before replacing the damaged cable. In many cases, the first step is to access the cable connection to the shifter, which may require console removal (if equipped). Once the cable is disconnected from the shifter, follow the cable until it reaches a hole in the floor and disconnect any cable mounting brackets. Next, locate where the shift cable attaches to the transmission gear selector shaft, after properly raising the vehicle off the ground with a floor jack and stands as most have too low of clearance. Then disconnect any cable mounting brackets between the transmission and vehicle floor. Once the cable is disconnected, it can then be removed from the vehicle. The installation for the replacement cable is in the opposite order of removal.

Improve Shifting and Customize The Looks Of Your Vehicle's Interior With Shifters And Components From JEGS

Every automotive vehicle has a shifter (such as a 3-speed automatic or 5 speed manual shifter assembly , which allows the driver to control the vehicle direction and speed. Upgrading the factory version to a custom or race shifter will improve looks and functionality. Browse our large selection of performance manual and automatic shifters and shifter knobs for trucks and cars, as well as auto and manual shifter parts (for example, manual shift lever) that will help customize your interior and make shifting easier.

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