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Tools & Garage Gear

Garage Tools & Equipment

Upgrading your garage tools and equipment is a great way to add comfort and ease when working on your vehicle. JEGS offers a wide selection of garage tools and equipment from brands like SP Tools, Race Ramps, Powerbuilt , OTC Tools, OEM Tools, as well as others. Also offered is a line of JEGS garage tools and equipment to simplify your project and reduce wrench time. Each JEGS tool is manufactured from quality parts.

The Benefits of Buying Garage Tools & Equipment

There are many benefits to buying garage tools and equipment. When properly matched to your projects, the result will be less time working on your vehicle and more time driving and enjoying it. Comfortable equipment and tools will also reduce pain and fatigue on the body. It is important to understand garage tools & equipment as well as their functions to make this possible. JEGS offers garage tools & equipment online. With over 60 years in the business, JEGS is the tools superstore.

Reduced Wrench Time

Having the correct tools and automobile garage equipment for the project you are working on will make completing the task much easier and reduce the amount of time needed. It will also result in a better quality completion of a job, reducing the chances of part failure and having to repeat the repair or upgrade process.

Improved Comfort

Automotive Projects can cause pain and discomfort without ergonomic tools and garage gear. Having a properly padded creeper or seat will reduce fatigue and increase comfort under or next to a vehicle while working on it, for example. A cushioned-grip tool, like a torque wrench, will help increase relief and reduce friction to the skin that can cause calluses.

Customer Questions About Garage Tools And Equipment

Buying quality automobile tools and equipment can be overwhelming and confusing. There are many different factors to consider when shopping for garage tools and equipment including different brands, prices, warranties, performance capabilities, and much more. Because garage tools and equipment are often a significant investment, it is important to do your research and get all your questions answered prior to making a final purchase. If you are trying to learn more about garage tools & equipment, we can help you along the way. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about garage tools and equipment:

How To Keep Tools From Rusting In Garage

There are several things you can do to keep your tools from rusting:

  • Wiping mechanic tools made from metal with a thin film of lubricants like WD-40 or mineral oil helps to keep moisture from penetrating metal and starting the rust process.
  • When possible, keep the storage area clean and dry and if necessary, use a dehumidifier to help keep the moisture level low. A garage fan will also help to circulate air and remove moisture from your shop, making it another useful tool.
  • Moisture absorbing desiccants placed in toolboxes will help keep rust at bay from tools and auto shop equipment.
  • Adding toolbox drawer liners will make a big difference as it adds an absorbent barrier between tools and metal drawers.
  • Weatherproof your garage by filling any holes or air gaps that allow rain, snow, or moisture to enter when the garage door is closed will help keep moisture and even rodents out.
  • How To Organize Your Garage Tools

    There are many ways to organize tools and garage equipment such as the following examples:

  • Wall shelving. Reclaiming old kitchen cabinets from remodeling projects or businesses like Habitat for Humanity, which take building donations, creates additional space and organization for tools.
  • Ceiling storage. There is a lot of storage space available by hanging shelving or bins from the ceiling, away from lights, garage doors, or other obstructions and hazards. Building or buying simple brackets and attaching them to secure ceiling joists can help create additional storage and organization. This allows more space for opening doors on car/cars, trucks, or other vehicles below.
  • Adjustable wall shelving and peg or slat boards. This allows flexibility as needs change.
  • Workshop floor storage cabinets. This storage option provides lots of additional space for your gear while keeping it hidden when not in use.
  • How To Store Large Garage Tools

    Large tools and gear usually can be hung from the ceiling or walls to create more space for vehicles and movement on the floor. This can be done with heavy duty brackets either created or purchased.

    Can't Find The Garage Tools And Equipment You Are Looking For?

    A JEGS expert is ready to answer your questions and help you find the garage tools and equipment that you require for your specific application.