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The Benefits Of Buying High Performance Suspension And Steering Parts

There are many benefits to purchasing high-performance suspension and steering parts. When properly matched, the result will be increased traction and handling performance for your vehicle. It is important to understand the aftermarket suspension and steering parts and their functions to make this possible. JEGS offers rear and front suspension parts, suspension tools, as well as steering parts online, and with over 60 years in the business, JEGS is the suspension and steering parts superstore.

Customer Questions About Suspension And Steering Parts

Getting high-quality suspension and steering parts can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. There are many different factors to consider when shopping for suspension and steering parts including different brands, prices, warranties, performance capabilities, and much more. Because front / rear suspension and steering parts are often a big investment, it is important to do your research and get all your questions answered prior to making a final purchase. If you are trying to learn more about suspension kits and steering parts, we can help you along the way. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about suspension and steering parts:

How To Check Suspension Components

When checking suspension components, first safely and securely raise the vehicle off the ground. Next, check each suspension component, as well as crossmembers and loops, for damage due either to an accident, road hazards, or rust. If the metal looks fatigued, heavily rusted, or damaged, the part should be replaced. Next, check all rubber suspension components including bushings, boots, snubbers, and other parts. The rubber should not be deteriorated, torn, or severely deformed. If any rubber parts are damaged, replacement is necessary. Next, check all hardware to confirm bolts, pins, nuts, washers, and other support components are in good shape and properly tightened to each component and the vehicle chassis.

What Suspension Parts Should I Replace?

The answer to this question depends on the goal for the vehicle. If the vehicle has suspension parts that need to be replaced due to damage or wear and tear, you need to decide the future use for your car, truck, SUV, or custom application. If you want the vehicle to retain the factory ride quality, OEM-quality replacement suspension parts are the best option. If you would like to give your vehicle more handling performance, then upgraded parts will help. This includes different coil springs and shock absorbers or struts to provide a more firm and responsive ride. Upgrading the diameter of the sway bars or adding a rear sway bar (if not originally equipped) will improve cornering capability and reduce dives when turning at higher speeds. Swapping factory stamped control arms for tubular versions reduces suspension component flex, firming up the ride quality and improving handling as well. Upgrading factory rubber bushings to polyurethane components reduces squish and flex, further improving handling also. Upgrading all of these components transforms your vehicle's handling from a "squishy" and soft (sometimes "bouncy") feeling to a much firmer and responsive setup.

Who Makes The Best Suspension Parts?

There are many different brands that offer suspension parts. All brands JEGS offers provide the best aftermarket suspension parts in the performance industry. These manufacturers include Energy Suspension, BMR Suspension, Calvert Racing, UMI Performance, Heidts, and many more.

What Suspension Parts Affect Alignment?

Any damaged or excessively worn suspension parts can affect the precision alignment of the wheel(s). These include struts, bushings, and ball joints, to name a few. While tie rods, which are a part of the vehicle steering system, affect toe alignment on the front end of the vehicle, rear toe, front and rear camber, and front/rear caster may or may not be adjustable depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

What Are Examples Of Steering Components?

Examples of steering components and parts include the steering wheel, steering column, intermediate shaft, steering gear box, pitman arm, center link, idler arm, inner and outer tie rods, tie rod adjustment sleeves, rack and pinion unit, power steering pump, spindles, as well as other parts depending on the vehicle.

What Are The Components Of A Rack And Pinion Steering System?

The typical rack and pinion steering system contains the steering wheel, steering column, intermediate shaft, rack and pinion unit, inner tie rods (usually a part of the rack and pinion unit), outer tie rods, ball joints, struts (if equipped), power steering pump (if equipped), as well as other possible parts depending on the vehicle.

How To Check Vehicle Steering Parts

When checking steering components, first securely and safely lift your vehicle off the ground. Next, check each steering part for damage due either to an accident, road hazards, or rust. If the metal looks heavily rusted (where you suspect weakening), damaged, or worn from normal wear-and-tear, the part must be replaced. Next, check all rubber steering components including bushings, boots, and other parts. If any rubber components are damaged, torn, or severely deformed replacement is necessary. Next, check all hardware to confirm nuts, washers, bolts, mounts, and other components are in acceptable condition and correctly tightened.

What Are The Best Steering Brand Parts?

There are many steering part brands to choose from. All products JEGS offers provide the highest quality steering components in the aftermarket performance industry. These manufacturers include Ididit, Flaming River, Borgeson, Grant, Performance Steering Components, and more.

Can't Find The Suspension Or Steering Parts You Are Looking For?

A JEGS expert is ready to answer your questions and help you find the steering and suspension parts as well as drag race suspension kits that you require for your car or truck application.

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