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High Performance Air Filters on Engine

High Performance Air Filters & Cold Air Kits

The engine air filter is an important part of the intake and induction system. It screens out contaminants and debris that could harm the internal engine parts. Increasing airflow with a high performance air filter provides an improvement in power and in many cases, fuel mileage. JEGS offers the best performance air filter and cold air kit selection from top vendors like K&N, AEM Induction, Spectre, Airaid, JEGS, and more. Each air filter and cold air intake system is made from high quality components and assembly to provide trouble-free service and long service life. Browse our full line of high performance air filters & cold air kits to increase your engine's power and performance.

Why You Should Buy High Performance Air Filters & Cold Air Kits

There are many benefits to using high performance air filters and cold air kits. One advantage over a factory air filter is increased power and performance for your engine. Fuel mileage can possibly increase as well. Many performance filters are designed to be reused, requiring being cleaned, dried, and re-oiled instead of replaced. They also reduce waste since they can be used repeatedly.

Improved Horsepower And Fuel Mileage

High performance air filters and cold air intake systems improve airflow by increasing volume and the amount of air passing through the filtration media. This results in improved horsepower and torque as more air can enter the engine combustion chamber cylinders. There are also potential fuel mileage gains that can be obtained, depending on the vehicle, climate, and driver habits.

Saves You Money

Most aftermarket performance air filters are washable, designed to be reused, with the ability to be cleaned, dried, and re-oiled. This saves money in the long-term, as no more purchases of standard air filters will be necessary. Reusable filters also reduce waste that would otherwise be created by throwing away one-time use air filters.

Frequently Asked Questions about High Performance Air Filters & Cold Air Kits

The engine air filter's primary job is to keep contaminants and debris from entering the engine, which can cause damage to internal moving parts. When it becomes clogged, it restricts airflow, causing a loss in power. While a stock air intake filter replacement does the job, performance air filters provide improved airflow and in many cases, can be cleaned and reused. It is important to do all of your research before making a purchase so that you select the correct one for your engine. To help you out, we have provided the answers to the following most common questions about high performance air filters:

What Do Performance Air Filters Do?

Most performance air filter car and truck designs have two main characteristics. The first is improved filtration that also allows better airflow with less restriction. The second design improvement is straightening incoming air with pleats, reducing swirling once the air passes through the filter media. These two improvements of a performance custom or universal air intake filter over the OE filter result in more airflow that allows increased engine power.

How Long Do Cold Air Intake Filters Last?

If properly maintained, cleaned, and oiled, cold air intake filters can last a very long time, often over 200,000+ miles. When intake filters start to turn black in color from dirt, cleaning them with the approved cleaner, properly drying, and then oiling will greatly prolong life. If cold air intake filters are left to accumulate dirt for too long, their life expectancy can shorten.

How Much Do Performance Air Filters Help?

Depending on the application, power gains of up to 20 horsepower can be possible from upgrading a factory paper air filter element to a high performance air filter design with high flow material. When comparing performance air filters vs regular replacement filters, they also can help increase fuel mileage up to 10%, depending on the vehicle application and driving habits.

Improve Engine Horsepower, Fuel Mileage, And Air Flow With A High Performance Air Filter Or Cold Air Intake Kit From JEGS

When replacing your engine's air filter or putting the final touches on your newly built engine under the hood of your car or truck, choose a high performance air filter or cold air intake system from JEGS. Whether you want improved horsepower, fuel mileage, or the ability to clean and reuse an air filter instead of replace it, we have you covered. View our large online selection of high performance automotive air filters, cold air intake filters, and performance products for your street or racing vehicle today!

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