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The Jegs Story

Why do millions depend on JEGS for their high performance car parts? It is simple-from the iconic mail order catalog to a fully-stocked digital commerce experience, we have built a preferred destination for every gear-head, professional racer, weekend warrior and restoration nut who wants to take their vehicle to the next level.

Around here, we don't just sell parts we rely on them when driving our own cars around racetracks, dirt trails, and interstates across the country. Parts may be our business - but grease, fuel, exhaust, power, and speed are what we live for.

In The Beginning: Speed & Service

A hot rod enthusiast frustrated by the unavailability of quality car parts in his Midwest hometown, Jeg Coughlin decided to create a solution. In 1960, he launched JEGS Automotive out of 4,000 square foot shop in Columbus, Ohio.

The first store was half garage, half parts store. Jeg worked on hot rod engines for friends part-time, filling the remaining time hunting down the best performance parts in the country to sell at his shop. With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, Jeg soon became the guy everyone wanted to see for performance car parts.

Family Years: Growth & high Performance

In the early 1990's, Jeg transitioned the business to his four sons John, Troy, Mike and Jeg Jr. Under the son's leadership, the business evolved from a renowned local shop & parts store to an industry-leading mail order giant.

The 4,000 square foot shop was replaced with a 10,000 square foot warehouse, a chassis a shop, a call center, and a retail store. Father and sons embarked upon a shared passion for racing, building a legacy name in performance sport that evokes fear in the hearts of the competition.

Modern Era: Shifting Into High Gear

In the early 2000's, JEGS took the next leap forward for the business. The 10,000 square foot warehouse was kept as a retail store, and a new 225,000 square foot warehouse and corporate headquarters were built in Delaware, Ohio.

Today, more than 350 people are employed by JEGS and the business draws in hundreds of thousands of customers each year. Yet, we maintain the culture stared by Jeg Coughlin from the very beginning: a family-run performance shop that preserves a trusted relationship with each and every customer.

"My People Make This Possible" — Jeg Coughlin Sr.

JEGS Racing Team

Extending Jeg Coughlin's Hall of Fame career, the Coughlin family boasts multiple NHRA titles and World Championship under our belt.

JEGS Foundation

Through multiple initiatives & partnerships, we have raised more than $10 million to support cancer research.


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Our customers drive for hours to shop in the iconic store- great selection, great service, great nostalgia.