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Aftermarket Car Exterior Parts

Performance Car Exterior Parts & Accessories

Replacing or upgrading car exterior parts is a great way to restore or upgrade your vehicle's looks. JEGS offers a wide selection of popular exterior car parts from top manufacturers such as Auto Metal Direct, Golden Star, OER, SoffSeal, JEGS, and others. Modern and classic car exterior parts are made from high quality components and assembly so you can get the quality and looks you want at a price you can afford with the assurance you need.

The Benefits of Buying Car Exterior Parts

When properly matched, car exterior parts restore your vehicle or make it unique to stand out from all of the rest. JEGS offers exterior car parts online and with over 60 years in the business, JEGS is the performance and car accessories superstore.

Customer Questions About Car Exterior Parts

It can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming when buying quality exterior car parts. There are many different factors to consider when shopping for aftermarket exterior car parts including brands, price, quality, and more. Because replacement exterior car parts can often be a significant investment, it is important to do your research and get all your questions answered prior to making a final purchase. If you are trying to learn more about custom exterior car parts, we can help you along the way. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about custom car exterior parts:

Where To Buy Exterior Car Parts

There are many options to buy custom car exterior accessories, but only one clear destination. With over 60 years in the business, JEGS has been selling car exterior parts for a long time, offers competitive prices, shares reviews, and ships in-stock items fast, often the same day.

How To Remove Car Exterior Parts

Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle as well as what part you are trying to remove, the removal steps will vary. If the part was installed at the factory, a repair or shop manual will help you with proper replacement and removal using a diagram and removal description. A visual inspection can help to determine how the part is attached, whether with screws, clips, adhesive, or other hardware. However, hidden fasteners are common and a thorough investigation will be needed in order to remove an exterior part without damaging it or other components.

What Are The Exterior Car Parts Names?

There are many parts that make up a vehicle's body. Below is a brief names list of the most common body parts found on cars and trucks:

  • Hood - This covers the engine and is connected with hood hinges and springs. It can include a hood scoop to provide room for larger engine components or for looks.

  • Bumpers - These are located at the very front and rear of the vehicle to aid in protecting the vehicle and driver in the event of a head-on or rear-end collision.

  • Trunk / deck lid - This cover provides access to the trunk and is attached with trunk hinges and springs.

  • Fender - This front side panel is cut out for the front wheels and tires for each side.

  • Quarter panel - the quarter panel is the rear side panel that is cut out for the rear tires and wheels on each side on passenger cars.

  • Bed - this includes the panels that make up the cargo area on pickup trucks.

  • Grille - This is located between the headlights and allows air into the radiator and engine compartment to aid in cooling.

  • Doors - These allow passengers to access the cabin of the vehicle. They include the outer and inner door handles and locks.

  • Windows / Glass - This includes the windshield, door windows, quarter windows, sunroof / moon roof, and rear window.

  • Rocker panels - These panels are below the doors on each side and run from the fender to the quarter panel.

  • Wings and spoilers - These are found on muscle cars and sports cars as well as to provide a sporty look on passenger cars. Their purpose, other than looks, is to keep pressure on the rear of the vehicle to increase tire traction at higher speeds.

  • Mirrors - These provide visibility to other vehicles and objects while driving, to either the side or rear of the vehicle.

  • Taillights - These are located at the rear of the vehicle and signal to other drivers when the vehicle is stopping, turning, backing up (in many applications), as well as increasing vehicle visibility at night.
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