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How To Choose A Performance Clutch For Your Car

August 23, 2022  -  Transmission & Drivetrain

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Your vehicle's clutch is one of the most important parts of the drivetrain because it connects and transmits power from the engine to the transmission. However, choosing the right performance clutch can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, read on as we provide more information to address common questions and provide a more comprehensive understanding of performance clutches.

How To Choose A Performance Clutch

Your vehicle's clutch plays a pivotal role in the drivetrain, linking and transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Selecting the right performance clutch is crucial but can be a complex decision. Let's delve into the specifics to aid your decision-making process and provide a comprehensive understanding of performance clutches.

competition race clutch set kit

What is a Performance Clutch?

A performance clutch is a critical component that efficiently transmits engine power to the transmission, enhancing the vehicle's performance. It offers better engagement, durability, and power handling compared to standard factory clutches.

How To Choose A Performance Clutch

Performance Clutch Kit

Differentiating between performance clutch kits based on stages is common. Manufacturers specify the recommended horsepower range for each stage, which involves varying clutch disc materials, pressure plate clamping force, and power handling. However, selecting the right stage should also consider factors such as vehicle use, weight, traction, and RPM range for optimal performance.

Types of Performance Clutches

Explore the diverse range of performance clutches available, including single-disc, multi-disc, and puck-style clutches. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each type to determine which best suits your application, whether it's drag racing, road racing, or street performance.

Considerations for Different Driving Styles

Understand how your driving style influences the clutch selection. Factors like quick engagement and high torque capacity are essential for drag racing, while street performance requires a balance between performance and daily drivability.

Clutch Material Options

Delve into the characteristics of various clutch disc materials such as ceramic, carbon, Kevlar, and organic. Learn about their heat resistance, durability, and engagement feel to align with your specific preferences and requirements.

Flywheel Considerations

Recognize the significance of the flywheel in clutch selection. Factors like weight, material, and surface finish impact clutch engagement, response, and overall drivability. Ensure compatibility between your clutch and flywheel for optimal performance.

high performance clutch disc
Clutch Disc
high performance clutch pressure plate
Clutch Pressure Plate
clutch throwout release bearing
Throw-Out Bearing
clutch pilot bearing bushing
Pilot Bearing
clutch pilot disc alignment tool
Clutch Pilot Tool

How Does a Performance Clutch Work?

Performance clutches employ stronger pressure plate springs and friction materials like ceramic, carbon, or Kevlar, providing enhanced grip against the engine flywheel for higher horsepower applications. Properly matched kits are crucial to prevent slippage or parts seizing from excessive heat.

What is a Racing Clutch?

A racing or competition clutch is a high-performance clutch designed for racing applications, labeled differently by manufacturers targeting the automotive performance community.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Receive practical advice on installing a performance clutch, understanding the importance of a break-in period, adjusting the clutch pedal, and essential maintenance to extend the clutch's lifespan.

Our aim is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge to facilitate an informed decision based on your specific requirements. At JEGS, we offer a wide array of top-quality performance clutches from industry-leading brands. Contact our knowledgeable tech support team for further assistance in selecting the perfect performance clutch for your vehicle.

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