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How To Choose A Performance Clutch For Your Car

August 23, 2022  -  Transmission & Drivetrain

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How To Choose A Performance Clutch

Your vehicle’s clutch is one of the most important parts of the drivetrain because it connects and transmits power from the engine to the transmission. However, what exactly is a high-performance or competition clutch and which one should you pick? Below are answers to the most common questions about performance clutches:

competition race clutch set kit

What Stage Clutch Is Best?

Most manufacturers will state the recommended or maximum horsepower range for high performance clutch kits. This is often advertised as a “stage” version of the clutch kit, which will vary in clutch disc materials, pressure plate clamping force, and power handling. However, this is only part of the decision making. Vehicle use, weight, traction, rpm range, also need to be factored in when selecting a clutch. In addition, stages of clutch kits offered by manufacturers can only be compared to other clutch kits from that manufacturer's line. It's important to not compare one manufacturer's "stage 2" clutch to another manufacturer's "stage(or "level") 2" clutch, for example. Depending on the horsepower and use of your vehicle, the appropriate stage clutch should be matched for the best performance and ease of use.

How Does A Performance Clutch Work?

Performance clutches work by using stronger than factory pressure plate springs and friction materials such as ceramic, carbon, Kevlar, and others. These materials also do a better job of absorbing heat created from the contact between the clutch disc and flywheel while still functioning properly. The stronger springs and friction material provide additional grip needed against the engine flywheel to withstand more clutch slippage from higher horsepower applications. Performance Clutch kits are rated at different levels of horsepower and should be matched for optimum performance. In addition, using too weak of a clutch will result in slippage. Too strong of a clutch and parts can seize up from heat as well as user ease becoming more difficult from stronger resistance at the clutch pedal. 

high performance clutch disc
Clutch Disc
high performance clutch pressure plate
Clutch Pressure Plate
clutch throwout release bearing
Throw-Out Bearing
clutch pilot bearing bushing
Pilot Bearing
clutch pilot disc alignment tool
Clutch Pilot Tool

What Is A Competition Clutch?

A competition clutch is another name for a high performance or racing clutch. Manufacturers use different terms and names to market towards the automotive performance community. 

racing competition clutch kit set
Racing Competition Clutch Kit Set
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