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Comparing Crate Engines And Rebuilt Engines

August 23, 2022  -  Engines & Components

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When it is time to make a decision on the power plant for your vehicle, whether to rebuild, purchase a crate engine or rebuilt engine, or go with a remanufactured engine, what direction should you go? Below are answers to common questions about crate engines, rebuilding engines, and remanufactured engines.

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Crate Engines vs Rebuilt Engines

There are many factors to weigh when making the decision of purchasing a crate engine, rebuilt engine, or rebuilding the engine you have. Rebuilding your engine can be a rewarding and educational experience. This allows you to have control over every aspect of the process, which will provide you confidence in the success and performance of the engine. You also have the option to make custom changes to engine components, which will help you meet your goals for the vehicle that the engine will be installed into. However, rebuilding an engine requires a lot of time throughout the process, including careful planning, retrieving all of the parts, and down time if the block or cylinder heads need to go to a machine shop for service. There also is a risk of engine damage or failure if the engine is not rebuilt properly. Rebuilding an engine can be more expensive than buying a crate engine as well. A crate motor arrives ready for installation and also includes a warranty, should a problem arise. However, crate engines are not made-to-order; you have to accept the specifications and components they are built with. They also can be more expensive than doing a rebuild on your own engine, depending on the options. Purchasing a rebuilt engine is similar to a crate engine, but typically to stock or factory specifications and usually with a warranty.  

Crate Engines vs Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured engines typically are rebuilt to factory specifications. All parts in remanufactured engines are first inspected and only replaced if they do not meet quality standards. Otherwise, they are cleaned up and reused.  On the other hand, most crate engines are built with custom components that increase horsepower and torque over stock engine specifications. Both engines usually include a warranty. Remanufactured engines are typically cheaper in price than crate motors. If you are looking for a stock replacement motor, the remanufactured engine is most likely the path to take. However, if you have a large enough budget and want to upgrade with more power, a crate engine would be the option to go with. Shop for a high-performance crate engine or remanufactured engine today.

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Remanufactured engine
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