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Brakes & Drivetrain

How To Correctly Flare Stainless Steel Tubing

Learn how to correctly flare stainless steel tubing for either 37° single flare and 45° double flare.

Cams, Heads & Valvetrain

Cylinder Heads Are Key to Performance

Learn how cylinder heads build power and how to choose the right head for your ride!

Camshaft Specifications & What the Numbers Mean

A camshaft is the heart of any valvetrain. Get the facts on cam specifications.

Rocker Arm Ratio Explained

A camshaft is the heart of any valvetrain. Get the facts on cam specifications.

Chassis, Steering & Suspension

Sub-Frame Connectors

Before you turn your car into a pretzel, learn why sub-frame connectors are a good first move on a lot of cars.

Building Your First Roll Cage

Everything that you should know about building your first roll cage.

Circle Track

Circle Track Steering Shaft

Things you need to know about steering shafts for your circle track car.

Circle Track Rack and Pinion

Things you need to know about rack and pinions for your circle track car.


Big Block Chevy V8 Specifications

Get the firing order, torque specifications and more on the big block Chevy engine.

Small Block Chevy V8 Specifications

Get the firing order, torque specifications and more on the small block Chevy engine.

LS Engine Specifications

Get the firing order, torque specifications and more on Chevy LS Engines.

Crate Motor Guide

Get the facts on high performance crate motors.

Junkyard LS Engine Builds

Going From Rags To Riches

Exhaust Systems, Headers & Mufflers

Exhaust Systems

We'll show you the ins and outs of a quality exhaust system and your sound and performance options.

A Buyer's Guide to Exhaust Headers

Find out the things you need to know before buying a set of headers.

Fuel & Induction

Line Size vs. Pressure Drop

It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. Fuel systems can be incorrectly designed if the pressure loss attributed to the length of the fuel lines isn’t taken into account.

How Blocking Style and Bypass Style Fuel Pressure Regulators Work

This article will focus on bypass style (aka: return style) and blocking style (aka: traditional style), how they function, and the benefits and drawbacks of each style.

10 Common Carburetor Questions

We've assembled the top 10 questions that our tech staff receives related to carburetors.

Carburetor & Fuel System Tuning

More than you want to know about tuning and maintaining your carbureted induction system!

Carburetor Intake Manifold Guide

Learn about different types of carburetor intake manifolds and how you should select an intake manifold for your application.

EFI 101

Learn the basics of Electronic Fuel Injection.

Get Some Air In There!

Cold air intake kits are one of the best and least expensive horsepower parts there are! Find out why you need a quality intake kit!

Grading Your Fuel Pump

Help determine which fuel pump best suits your needs.

Not All Injectors are Created Equal

Help determine which fuel injectors best suits your needs.


A mind blowing guide to roots type superchargers including: Engine set-up, Blower Carburetor selection, Cam selection and more!

Performance vs. Economy

Three ways to achieve the best results with both.

Ignition System

Performance Ignition

We'll give you the ins and outs on understanding and building a high performance ignition system.

Rear Differential

9" Ford Rear Axle Assembly

We've assembled a guide to the 9 inch Ford rear end including how to ID different versions.

Show & Go

Street Rod Accessories

Check out our list of popular and cool street rod accessories that look good on any ride!

Transmission, Clutch & Torque Converters

Torque Converters

This guide will help you select the right torque converter and explain stall speed, how a converter works and how torque converters multiply your engine's torque.

Wheels & Tires

How to Measure Wheel Fitment

This chart will help with your question on Bolt Circle, Backspacing, Offset, and will show you the Metric to SAE Conversions.

Drag Tire Roll Out Measuring Procedure

Proper measurement of a tire is very important when choosing a tire as it will affect many things such as engine R.P.M., vehicle fitment, roll out and ground clearance issues.