Don't spend hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing your distributor when all you need is a new distributor cap. JEGS has distributor cap replacement options from Accel for most applications. They provide superior protection from arc-thru and crossfire to eliminate common problems associated with OE distributor caps.

What Are the Top Accel Replacement Distributor Caps Products

From GM, Ford, Honda, and more, JEGS has the right distributor cap you need to fit your ride. The corrosion-resistant brass terminals help provide a solid electrical connection that will keep the engine performing its best.

How Much Do Accel Replacement Distributor Caps Cost

Starting from just over $20, the Accel distributor cap is an inexpensive way to get your engine firing on all cylinders. The 60V alkyd compound is a great improvement over the standard OE distributor cap and rotor.

How To Use Accel Replacement Distributor Caps

Swapping out the distributor cap is an easy task that anyone can take on. In most cases, all that is needed is a screwdriver to remove the old distributor cap and replace it with a new one from Accel, which is available now from JEGS.