Main Bearing Sets

What Are The Top Clevite 77 Chevrolet High-Performance Main Bearings?

The most common main bearing set from Clevite 77 is the Small Block Chevy MS909P, using MB2508P main bearing markings. The next most popular main bearing set from Clevite 77 fits the Big Block Chevy (MS829H) and uses individually marked bearings with the part number MB2403H. Rounding out the top three main bearing sets from Clevite 77 is the GM LS Engine Series main bearing set, MS2199H. All of these bearing sets are standard size, with oversize sets available if needed.

How Much Do Clevite 77 Chevrolet High-Performance Main Bearings Cost?

Depending on the year, make, and model of the engine, main bearing sets can vary in price from just over $20 per set to as high as above $1600 for a set.

What Are The Main Benefits of Clevite 77 Chevrolet High-Performance Main Bearings?

Clevite 77 bearings are found in many race-winning engines with decades of research, development, and experience. The materials used to create the bearings, including copper-lead, steel, and electroplated Babbitt metal, are superior in quality compared to original equipment bearings.

How To Install Clevite 77 Chevrolet High-Performance Main Bearings

It is critical that all main bearings are in the correct position and orientation prior to installation. All bearings and surfaces must be extremely clean for proper installation. The main caps must also be in the proper order and orientation. Place the upper bearings into the block. Then position the crankshaft into place. Next, assemble and torque the main caps to the proper sequence and specification. To check the clearances with Plastigauge, start with one of the main caps by removing it. Wipe off assembly oil on the crankshaft with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Then place the Plastigauge over the center of the journal surface and reinstall the bearing cap, torquing the bolts to specification. Again, remove the main cap, revealing the crushed Plastigauge material. Using the gauge and scale included with the Plastigauge kit, compare the measurement to your engine's specifications. If you are within specification, you can complete finally assembly of the crankshaft. If you are not within specification, the main journals, main bearings, and crankshaft need to be measured to determine which component is out of specification so that it can be corrected.