What Are Competition Engineering Adjustable Drag Shocks Common Pros and Cons?

Competition Engineering 3 way adjustable drag shocks allow the driver to adjust the valving, which helps improve drag racing launch performance. These shocks are also nicely priced with a simple design as well as high quality components and assembly. Due to the design, 3-way adjustable drag shocks by competition engineering do require removal in order to change the valve ratio, unlike other designs, which can be adjusted with the turn of a knob on the shock body.

Which Competition Engineering Adjustable Drag Shocks Are Best?

The best Competition Engineering adjustable drag shock is the one that properly fits your vehicle. If your shock mounting brackets and suspension are matched to OEM specifications, using the vehicle fitment guide will help you find the correct shocks. For modified or custom suspensions, the shock dimension and mounting spec guide provides a great reference for the proper-fitting shock.

How Much Do Competition Engineering Adjustable Drag Shocks Cost?

Competition Engineering adjustable drag shocks start at just over $70 each and increase to over $100, depending on the length, mounting design, and application.