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Doug's Headers are the best upgrades for your Chevy/GMC truck or SUV. You'll get increased power, improved fuel economy, and a more aggressive sound. Additionally, Doug's Headers are the only headers backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

What Are Doug's Headers for Chevy/GMC Truck/SUV Common Pros and Cons?

16 gauge tubing and truck 3/8-inch flanges provide maximum durability. In addition, the stitch-welded ports add a level of strength not found on other header brands. These reasons alone are worth the additional cost, but when you factor in the dyno-proven gains, it's a no-brainer to buy Doug's Headers. The only drawback to Doug's Headers is that they're not cheap. But, when you compare the design and manufacturing to the other header brands on the market, they're very reasonably priced.

Which Doug's Headers for Chevy/GMC Truck/SUV Are Best?

Black ceramic-coated Doug’s headers are hot right now. The coating helps to reduce underhood temperatures, making them ideal for high horsepower applications.

How Much Do Doug's Headers for Chevy/GMC Truck/SUV Cost?

The Doug headers are worth every penny at an average price of $700. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each header are second to none. JEGS offers a great selection and low prices on all Doug's Headers for your Chevy/GMC truck or SUV.