What Are Holley 4500 HP Dominator Carburetors Common Pros and Cons?

The Holley Dominator carburetor is a great option for serious racing engines in need of high rpm horsepower. This carburetor line has been used for decades in race-winning vehicles and has all of the tuning options needed for the best setup. Purchasing one of these carburetors can be a significant investment however. Without one, it will be harder to reach the finish line first.

Which Holley 4500 HP Dominator Carburetors Are Best?

When selecting a Holley Dominator carburetor, the first step is confirming the correct CFM size. This is determined by the engine cubic inches and the max rpm / red line. Next, choose either 2-circuit or 3-circuit metering, with the former typically for smaller engines and street use and the latter for the larger engines and race use only. From the remaining options, choose either the carb only or the kit, which includes the fuel line, filter, and pressure gauge.

How Much Do Holley 4500 HP Dominator Carburetors Cost?

Holley 4500 HP Dominator carburetors range in price between $1,100 and $1,500, depending on CFM size and kit options.