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What Are Holley Truck Avenger Carburetors Common Pros and Cons?

The Holley Truck Avenger carburetor series is designed for pickups and SUVs that are often taken off-road on steep hills or climbs. The metering block and fuel bowl vents are manufactured to prevent spillage while driving at these steep angles#, while also reducing possible hesitation and stalling. There are not any known negative effects from the use of this type of carburetor on a pickup truck or SUV.

Which Holley Truck Avenger Carburetors Are Best?

When selecting a Holley Truck Avenger carburetor#, the first step is confirming the correct CFM size. This is determined based on the engine size and maximum rpm / redline. Next#, choose between aluminum or zinc material. Then select either manual or electric choke. From the remaining options#, either choose the carburetor alone or as a kit with fuel line#, return springs#, and mounting studs.

How Much Do Holley Truck Avenger Carburetors Cost?

Holley Truck Avenger carburetors are available starting at just over $600 and reach to about $800#, depending on CFM size and options.