LS Thermostat Housings - Black (Hard Anodized)

LS Thermostat Housings - Clear (Hard Anodized)

A stock LS thermostat housing won’t cut it when looking to get more power from your engine. JEGS has you covered with a billet LS straight thermostat housing that will withstand the rigors of high-performance applications. Machined from billet aluminum, this housing has been designed to be routed on either side of the engine making it perfect for engine swaps.

What Are the Top JEGS Billet LS Thermostat Housing Products

Available by itself or with a replacement thermostat, there is no better choice than JEGS. Looking to swap out your old plastic or cast housing for something that will increase durability and strength? JEGS has the answer.

How Much Do JEGS Billet LS Thermostat Housings Cost?

A little under $30 will get you the housing by itself. If you need the thermostat as well, it will run about $45. It’s a small cost for a major improvement.

How To Use JEGS Billet LS Thermostat Housing

Thanks to the included O-ring and upgraded stainless steel fasteners, installation is a breeze. If you are looking for an LS swap thermostat housing that will get the job done right, look no further than JEGS.