Square Bore

Spread Bore

What Are JEGS Carburetor Stud Kits Common Pros and Cons?

JEGS carburetor stud kits include all of the hardware needed to complete installation, whether with or without a spacer, providing the proper length studs. The hardware is also zinc-plated for great looks and increased corrosion resistance. These stud kits are also economically priced. There are not any known negative effects of the purchase or use of these stud kits.

Which JEGS Carburetor Stud Kits Are Best?

When selecting a JEGS carburetor stud kit, the first step is to confirm your carburetor is a square bore, 4500 / Dominator, or spread bore design. Next, if not using a spacer, select the standard 1.5" long kit. If using a carb spacer, match the thickness with the corresponding carburetor stud kit or add the thickness of the spacer to 1.5" to confirm the correct stud length.

How Much Do JEGS Carburetor Stud Kits Cost?

JEGS carburetor stud kits are available for purchase for a price between $7 and $19, depending on the application and length.