Hauling tools across the shop or yard just got a lot easier with these heavy-duty utility carts from JEGS. These carts feature corrosion and impact-resistant construction that can handle heavy loads, making them perfect for a variety of applications. With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, these heavy-duty carts can easily transport tools, equipment, and other materials.

What Are The Top JEGS Heavy-Duty Utility Carts Products

The most popular JEGS heavy-duty utility cart comes with an additional 32 storage bins for ultimate organization. This cart is perfect for those who need to keep their tools and equipment neatly organized and easily accessible.

How Much Do JEGS Heavy-Duty Utility Carts Cost

Carts start at just over $100 for the basic model and go up to around $260 for the deluxe model with additional storage bins.

How To Use JEGS Heavy-Duty Utility Carts

From transporting tools and equipment to hauling around engine parts, there are a variety of ways to use JEGS utility carts. These carts make it easy to move heavy items around the shop or garage, and can even be used for gardening or landscaping tasks.