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Reusing old fasteners is a big no-no, especially with something as important as suspension. Choose from black oxide or zinc-plated finish for long-lasting corrosion resistance. JEGS control arm bolts are available in various sizes to ensure a precision fit for your Mustang.

What Are The Top Mustang Control Arm Bolts?

The complete rear control arm kit is a best seller. It replaces upper and lower bolts OEM-grade ones at a fraction of the price. And since each component is manufactured in the USA, you can be confident of their quality.

How Much Do JEGS Mustang Control Arm Bolts Cost?

Zinc-coated lower bolts cost over $10, while the black oxide lower control arm bolts will set you back under $30. It’s a minor cost for awesome protection.

What Are The Main Benefits of JEGS Mustang Control Arm Bolts?

Control arm bolts are designed to stretch when tightened and should be replaced every time they are removed. Opting for new ones when doing suspension work will help ensure that your Mustang's rear end stays tight and doesn't develop any unwanted play.

How To Use JEGS Mustang Control Arm Bolts

Installing new control arm bolts is a relatively easy job that can be completed in one afternoon. Getting the right Mustang front lower control arm bolt size is critical, so be sure to measure twice or ask JEGS customer service if you're unsure which size to get.