What Are JW Performance Competition TH400 Transmissions Common Pros and Cons?

JW Performance Competition TH400 transmissions are built to be used in high-horsepower racing applications with superior quality components and assembly. As these higher-quality components are used to ensure proper operation and long life, pricing is higher than alternative options in the aftermarket.

Which JW Performance Competition TH400 Transmissions Are Best?

When selecting a TH400 from JW Performance, the first step is to select the appropriate bellhousing type, whether Chevrolet, BOP (Buick / Olds / Pontiac), or an aftermarket Ultra-Bell. Next, select the correct power rating, whether 800 or a 1000hp TH400 transmission. Then choose with or without a transbrake.

How Much Do JW Performance Competition TH400 Transmissions Cost?

JW Performance competition TH400 transmissions range in price from just under $1,900 to just over $2,800 for 800HP versions. For turbo 400 transmission 1000hp capable, prices range from just under $2,000 to over $2,800 (1000hp TH400 with transbrake).