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Clean up your engine compartment with Painless PowerBraid Wire Wrap. This Painless PowerBraid wire loom will make your engine bay look clean and professional. The Powerbraid is easy to use, and install and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. A flexible, semi-rigid, nylon-like split braided tubing makes it easy to get around even the tightest bends.

What Are The Top Painless PowerBraid Wire Wrap Products

The best PowerBraid wire loom kit is one that fits your specific application. Most JEGS customers choose the 1/4" and 1/2" diameter kits because they provide the most options for wrapping various wire sizes.

How Much Do Painless PowerBraid Wire Wrap Cost

Prices start at $25 and climb to $175 for a complete kit that covers everything from multiple diameters to zip ties and shrink wrap.

How To Use Painless PowerBraid Wire Wrap

Using PowerBraid is easy. Just slide the braid over your wires and then use a zip tie or fabric tape to keep everything in place. For even more accessories to help clean up your engine bay, check out our complete line of Engine Bay Dress-Up items.