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Weld has been a leading manufacturer of race car wheels for over 45 years. The company's ProStar line of wheels is among the most popular choice for many professionals. JEGS proudly offers Weld ProStar wheels in a wide range of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns to fit your application. The secret to Weld's success is its innovative wheel design and manufacturing process. When buying forged wheels, you get a unique combination of strength and durability.

What Are The Top Weld Racing Sport Forged ProStar Polished Wheels Products

5 spoke wheels never go out of style. The Welds ProStars RS features a timeless design that's perfect for both street and strip applications. The RS was the first wheel in weld's Forged lineup and is still one of the most popular today.

How Much Do Weld Racing Sport Forged ProStar Polished Wheels Cost

The average cost of Weld Pro Star wheels ranges from $300 to $400. While the price is a bit higher than some other brands, the quality and performance of these wheels are unmatched.

How To Use Weld Racing Sport Forged ProStar Polished Wheels

When ordering new wheels, JEGS recommends that you have the right diameter, backspace, and offset to avoid any fitment issues.