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Ridetech 42152000

Tiger Cage Stainless Rollcage System 2005 & Up Mustang

Ridetech 42152000


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Ridetech 42152000 Tiger Cage Stainless Rollcage System 2005 & Up Mustang $1,000.00
Tiger Cage Stainless Rollcage System
  • 2005 & Up Mustang
  • Road Race Bars

  • Ridetech 42152000 Details

    2005 & Up Mustang

    Does not include the Basic Rollcage Kit. This is the Door Bars kit only.


    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Pre-Engineered Bolt-In Rollcage System for Adding Chassis Stiffness to Your Muscle Car

    The TigerCage is specifically designed to interface with the structural strength points of the oem unibody ( or frame ) to tie them together & increase torsional rigidity within the chassis. The main hoop of the TigerCage connects to the area behind the front seats where the rocker boxes intersect the floorboard. The ''back bars'' run from the top corners of the main hoop to the rear package tray (which is an important structural reinforcement in most cars) and is secured in both the horizontal plane and the vertical plane to optimize rigidity. The mating trunk bars join with the back bars underneath the package tray and are fastened with reinforced brackets to the rear framerail to complete the base structure. The optional door bars connect the main hoop to the toeboard/floorboard/rockerbox/A-pillar area at the base of the A-pillar. The complete TigerCage structure lends a huge amount of structural rigidity to a unibody or a full frame vehicle. Not only does this increased rigidity allow extra crash protection, it will allow the vehicles suspension to react more predictably to driver input. Although every effort is made to optimize the crash protection benefits, please be aware that any crash protection that a TigerCage [or any other rollcage] may offer is strictly coincidental. It is impossible to guarantee any specific level of protection in a crash situation.

    Easy installation
  • Minimal disassembly of your interior
  • Pre-engineered mounting locations designed to interface with structural strength point of car.
  • No need to locate and schedule a competent welder
  • Pre-determined installation time avoids uncertainly of custom fabrication time

    Integrity of components and fasteners
  • All components and fasteners can be tested and certified as appropriate for the application.
  • Welded joints are harder to test and certify. This is why bridges, buildings, and airplanes are bolted together instead of welded together.

    Removes easily
  • The TigerCage offers the unique advantage of being able to un-bolt the unit if the car should be sold or you want to restore it to original configuration.

    Can the TigerCage be welded in?
  • Yes, the TigerCage tubing, mounting bracketry and TigerClamp assemblies are all made from 304 grade stainless, which is easily weldable.

    Why would I choose a bolt in cage system when weld-in kits are so much cheaper?
  • IF you have considerable welding skills, IF you are a competent chassis designer and fabricator, IF you have no problem removing your interior, and IF you have the extra time to devote to such a project, then a weld-in cage might be the appropriate choice for you. If you lack any of these resources then the bolt-in TigerCage system may be a very viable consideration.

    Is the TigerCage certified? (NHRA, SCCA, SFI, etc...)
  • Although certification is planned and in progress, the TigerCage is NOT currently certified for racing in NHRA or SCCA sanctioning bodies but is pending. However, Certification has been given to the Tiger Cage for use in competition up to 175mph by the ECTA land speed racing.
  • NOTE: The primary function of the TigerCage is chassis stiffening. Any safety protection is strictly coincidental.

    Direct Fit

  • Each unit is specifically designed for the car that it is intended for...no fabrication needed

  • Designed to work with oem interior, door panel, and seat components

  • The TigerCage fits closely to headliner and interior panels to minimize passenger intrusion

  • How Strong Is It?

  • Connects to structural strength points of the vehicle in the floorboard, A-pillar, toe board, rocker panel, B-pillar, package tray and frame rail areas - avoids the need to permanently alter your musclecar with weld-in subframe connectors.

  • Constructed of .120'' wall 304L grade stainless tubing - stronger than .120'' wall mild steel that is typically specified in sanctioning body rulebooks.

  • Patented TigerClamps and bungs are made of investment cast 304 stainless steel.
    The tabs are .375'' lasercut plate stainless.

  • The TigerClamp has been tested to resist more than 450 ft. lbs of rotational force
    against the tubing. This means that it takes over 450 ft lbs of force to rotate
    the TigerClamp around the axis of the tubing.
    Most small block Chevy's don't make that much torque!

  • The TigerClamp system will be available in bulk quantities to suspension
    manufacturers who wish to develop their own applications

  • Stainless Tubing Clamps and Bungs Fasteners Bracketry

    304 Stainless tubing has a tensile strength of 73,200 psi. This is compared to 1020 mild steel at 63,000 psi and 4130 chrome moly at 106,000psi.

    Most current sanctioning body specs require a 1.625'' OD .120'' wall mild steel which would have a rating of 35,700 lbs. TigerCage uses a 1.75'' OD; .095'' wall 304 stainless tubing that has a load rating of 36,150, and a 1.5'' OD; .120'' wall [door bars] that has a load rating of 38,000 lbs.

    As you can see, TigerCage's stainless tubing has a slightly higher rating than the typical mild steel product.

    The TigerClamp and bung components are made from a 304 cast stainless material by an AMERICAN casting foundry.

    Air Ride has tested the clamp collars to resist over 450 lb. Ft. of rotational torque. They have tested the pivot connection to resist over 250 lb. Ft. of torque.

    In car bracketry is all 304 3/16'' thick stainless. TigerCage uses 1020 steel backing plates underneath the car to evenly distribute the load through the oem floorpans and pillars.

    The 1/2-20 thread pivot bolts are rated at 180,000psi tensile strength, which would equal a direct load rating of 25,500 lbs.

    The 3/8-24 clamp collar bolts are also rated at 180,000psi tensile strength, which would equal a direct load rating of 15,800 lbs. each.

    The fasteners used to attach the bracketry to the vehicle are grade 8 or better, rated at least to 150,000psi, which would provide a direct load rating of approx. 11,600 lbs each.

    COMPARISON GUIDE Tiger Cage vs. weld-in rollcage
    Bolt-in installation Yes No
    Welding required No Yes
    Installation time Approx. 6 hours 20-50 hours and up
    (plus painting)
    Parts or material cost Starting at $2500 $400 - $1000
    Installation cost $450 (@ shop rate of $75 per hour) Less if you do it yourself $1500 - $4000 and up depending on complexity, fabricator shop rate, and skill
    fabrication No. Installs with a drill and a couple of wrenches Yes. Even with model specific kits
    Installation in a finished car Easy. The prototype TigerCage was developed on the Velocity Camaro... AFTER it was finished Difficult (try to properly welding completely around a tube in a finished car)
    Interior removal No Yes
    Damage to car paint or interior during installation Very UN-likely Likely, depending on fabricator skills
    Pre-engineered mounts bracketry and tube design Yes Depending on fabricator
    All materials and components made in America Yes Likely, but not guaranteed
    Sanctioning body certified Pending, in progress Depending on material, design, fabricator skills
    Removable Yes No
    Choice of door bar style Yes Depending on fabricator skills
    Minimal interior intrusion Yes Depending on fabricator skills
    Patent pending clamp collar connectors Yes No
    Interfaces with structural strong point of car Yes Depending on fabricator skills
    Weight Approx. 95 lbs. with fasteners ???
    Finished appearance Professional premium stainless steel Difficult to paint, weld appearance depends on fabricator skills
    Appropriate for a 6 second Pro Mod car No...you got us there. You need to find a talented chassis builder Depending on fabricator skill

    Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations