AMC HEI Distributor

JEGS HEI distributors are specifically engineered to provide long-lasting durability and performance. The corrosion-resistant weights and welded weight pins offer a level of quality that ensures years of reliable service.

What Are The Top JEGS AMC/Jeep HEI Distributor Products?

The AMC 304 distributor is one of the top sellers at JEGS. It is available as a complete kit or sold separately. The kit includes the distributor plug wires, power wire, and vacuum line kit.

How Much Do JEGS AMC/Jeep HEI Distributors Cost?

An AMC 304 HEI distributor starts at around $150 while a complete kit will be around $200. JEGS recommends investing in the complete kit as it removes any weak points.

What Are The Main Benefits of JEGS AMC/Jeep HEI Distributors?

Benefits include a smoother running engine, eliminating misfires, and long-lasting reliability that only JEGS can provide. On top of that AMC 360 HEI distributor kits feature a brass terminal cap and rotor for maximum voltage output.

How To Use JEGS AMC/Jeep HEI Distributors

Installing a new distributor cap is easy. Just make sure the timing marks are lined up correctly and the rotor is pointing in the correct direction. It's also important to check for any vacuum leaks or loose electrical connections before installation.

JEGS AMC/Jeep HEI distributors are the best way to ensure your engine is running smoothly. With a wide variety of options to choose from, there's a JEGS distributor for every application.