Fuel Injector Bungs

When all else fails, building your own parts is the only option. That is where JEGS fuel injector bungs help. Our in-house bungs allow you to install fuel injectors to the manifold easily. JEGS fuel injector bungs are manufactured from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and precisely machined to provide a tight, leak-free seal.

What Are JEGS Fuel Injector Bungs Common Pros and Cons?

Ease of use and installation are the main pros of JEGS fuel injector bungs. The 1.125-inch overall length provides plenty of material to weld, and the machined O-ring groove ensures a tight seal. However, a JEGS fuel injector bung may not be compatible with specific manifolds due to clearance issues.

Which JEGS Fuel Injector Bungs Are Best?

EV1, EV6, and EV14 style injectors are the most common, and JEGS bungs are compatible with all three. Available in single or eight-packs, JEGS bungs are an affordable and easy way to complete your build.

How Much Do JEGS Fuel Injector Bungs Cost?

At around $15 each or approximately $75 for eight, the price of JEGS fuel injector bungs is hard to beat. The time saved by not having to hunt for a compatible part is priceless.

Whether doing a full race setup or just wanting to have the option to convert to EFI, JEGS fuel injector bungs are a great addition to any build. Shop now and get the most from your fuel system.