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As one of the best spark plug brands in the world, NGK is a trusted choice for many racing teams and drivers. NGK Spark Racing Plugs has a long history of providing high-quality products to race teams across the globe.

What Are NGK Racing Spark Plugs Common Pros and Cons?

Increased voltage, low resistance, and precise gapping are the main factors that distinguish an NGK racing spark plug from regular ones. However, they come at a higher price point, which can deter some customers.

Which NGK Racing Spark Plugs Are Best?

The NGK non-resistor spark plug is the most popular choice for racing teams. It is made with a copper core and nickel tip to provide better conductivity and heat resistance. The iridium center electrode helps to create a more precise spark, while the platinum ground electrode ensures long-lasting durability.

How Much Do NGK Racing Spark Plugs Cost?

Starting at around $5-$10 each, racing NGK spark plugs are affordable for most budgets. JEGS proudly offers a low-price guarantee on all NGK products to ensure you get the best deal possible.