Extralight Weight Suspension Fluid: This 2.5wt fluid is extremely popular in NASCAR's professional categories, motocross, and road racing, where top engineers try to run the lightest fluid possible that maintains its viscocity and stability (allowing the shock valving and springs to perform the work, rather than the fluid...).
Many motocross tuners use it as a direct replacement in the front forks on Showa and Kayaba forks, with or without revalving.

Light Weight Suspension Fluid: Similar to what many manufacturers call a "5W" or 5-weight. This fluid is often used by CORR and SCORE off road teams in their long-travel shocks due to its ability to hold viscosity under extreme conditions. Tuners use our LightWeight Suspension Fluid as a direct replacement in the rear shock on modern motocross bikes (ExtraLight 2.5 in the front forks). NHRA's Top Fuel and Funny Car teams also use this fluid as a substitute for the "water soluble" fluid used in their clutch management systems due to its ability to produce extremely consistent operation under both hot and cold racing conditions.