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What Are Chevrolet Performance Transmission Adapter Kits Common Pros and Cons?

Transmission adapters and kits allow engine and trans combinations to be used that originally were not available from GM. There are not any notable negative side effects from using transmission adapter kits (for example, a 4l60e transmission adapter).

Which Chevrolet Performance Transmission Adapter Kits Are Best?

When selecting a transmission adapter (ex. 4l60e adapter plate), the first step is to confirm the engine and transmission model being adapted. Next, narrow down your options that match. For LS engine applications, confirm the number of crankshaft bolts to ensure the correct adapter kit. Finally, choose the kit from the remaining options that matches your application needs and budget.

How Much Do Chevrolet Performance Transmission Adapter Kits Cost?

Chevy transmission adapters range in price between $80 and $550, depending on the application and included components.