What Are MSD Crank Triggers Common Pros and Cons?

MSD crank triggers provide consistent and highly reliable timing, which is critical on performance and race engines. This is accomplished with a "flying magnet" design, which works through the rotation and passing of a magnet along a pickup sensor. The included sensor bracket is also adjustable to accommodate different setups. Crank trigger kits can be a significant investment, depending on your budget, but ensure precise timing that your engine needs.

Which MSD Crank Triggers Are Best?

When choosing an MSD crank trigger, the first step is to narrow the choices down to those that match your engine. Next, confirm the diameter of your harmonic balancer to match with the compatible crank triggers. From the remaining list, select from different options including color (red or black), with or without Hall-Effect sensor, and kits, which include an ignition box, spark plug wires, distributor, coil, and other components.

How Much Do MSD Crank Triggers Cost?

MSD crank triggers range in price between $400 and $500, depending on the application and options. Complete kits with an MSD crank trigger distributor, ignition control box, spark plug wires, coil, and other components are available for a little over $2,000. MSD crank trigger instructions are included with each crank trigger and are also available from JEGS for viewing under the details section of the corresponding part number. Just click on the link to view them.