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Dart 31384175

Dart Iron Eagle Race Series Engine Block SB Ford


made in usa
Ships directly from the manufacturer on Monday
$20 off $200, $50 off $500 and $100 off $1,000 Order. Promotion Code: SPRINGSAVINGS exclusions apply

Truck Freight: $119.00
Dart Iron Eagle Race Series Engine Block SB Ford $3,102.62
Out of stock
Iron Eagle Race Series Engine Block
  • Small Block Ford
  • Bore: 4.000"
  • Deck: 8.200" (302)
  • Main Size: 302
  • Dart 31384175 Details

    Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Engine Block

  • Race Series
  • 302 Main Journals

    Superior iron alloy
    Bore: 4.000" (unfinished)
    Bore/Stroke: 4.185" x 3.500" (max recommended)
    Cam Bearing Bore ID: SVO 2.203" - 2.205"
    Cam Bearings: Specially-coated & grooved with three oil holes
    Cam Bearing OS: +.010", +.020", +.030"
    Cam Bearing Press: .002" - .003"
    Cam Journal OD: Standard Ford Small Block (can be bored for 50mm)
    Cam Plug: 2-3/8" Dia. cup plug
    Cylinder Wall Thickness: .250" minimum @ 4.185" bore
    Cubic Inch: 385ci max recommended
    Deck Height: 8.200"
    Deck Thickness: .675" minimum
    Fuel Pump: Mechanical pump provision
    Freeze Plugs: Standard Ford Press-in cup plugs 1-1/2" O.D.
    Head Bolts: 1/2" Blind holes
    Lifter Bores: Standard Ford .8747" - .8757" Honed to size
    Lifters: Standard Ford - Hydraulic rollers need tie-bar style lifters
    Main Bearing Size: 2.249" (302)
    Main Bearing Bore: Standard Ford 2.441" - 2.442" Honed to size
    Main Thrust Width: .926" - .928"
    Main Caps: Steel- 4 bolt, all 5
    Main Cap Register: Deep stepped register on each side (no need for dowels)
    Main Cap Press: .003" - .004"
    Main Cap Bolts: #1: 7/16" (2) 3/8" (2)
    #2, #3 & #4: 7/16" (2) 7/16" splayed (2)
    #5: 7/16" (2) 3/8" (2)
    Main Cap Torque: #1 - #5: 65 ft/lbs (All 7/16" bolts); #1 & #5: 35 ft/lbs (Outer 3/8" bolts)
    Oil System: Standard Wet sump or SVO dry sump, Priority Main oiling with external pump (wet or dry)
    Oil Filter: Standard Ford filter
    Oil Pan: Aftermarket Ford 302 with dipstick in pan required
    Rear Main Seal: 4.250" x 3.625" Standard 1-Piece seal - Felpro #2922 or #2941
    Serial Number: On Right front and main caps
    Starter: Standard
    Stud Hole/Head: 1/2" Standard SVO with Blind holes
    Timing Chain/Gears: Standard SBF components
    Timing Cover: Uses stock 302 aluminum cover
    Weight: 160 lbs

  • Specifications:

    Cam Bearings Included
    Cylinder Bore as Shipped (in.)
    Cylinder Bore Diameter (in.)
    Deck Height (in.)
    Engine Block Material
    Cast iron
    Engine Block Style
    Stock/OEM standard deck
    Engine Block Weight (lbs.)
    Finished Cylinder Bores
    Freeze Plugs Included
    Main Bearings Included
    Main Bolt Style
    Main Cap Fasteners Included
    Main Cap Material
    Main Caps Included
    Main Journal Type
    302 mains
    Sold individually
    Raised Cam Location
    Rear Main Seal Style
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    The Dart Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Engine Blocks put Ford racers in front with these cast from superior iron alloy engine blocks. Working with leading Ford racers and engine builders, they designed the Iron Eagle Race Series and Sportsman small blocks to solve the shortcomings of production engine blocks used in high performance and competition applications. Dart blocks for Fords are produced on dedicated tooling and machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment. They added the features that Ford racers need to build powerful and reliable engines. Staring with the small block Ford's big achilles heel, the oiling system! With Dart's vastly improved oiling system, the need to "band-aid" the oiling system with a high volume oil pump is a thing of the past. Using a standard oil pump and today's lifters, without restrictors, makes engine assembly easier and eliminates the guess work of determining restrictor size. Factory stock engine blocks were designed to be mass-produced economically and to operate in a passenger car environment. Original equipment oiling systems are typically restrictive and feed oil to the top of the engine first. The common practice has been to use a high-volume oil pump to offset these shortcomings and help the main bearings get more oil to survive. Dart aftermarket blocks have been designed with a less restrictive oil system which feeds oil to the main bearings first; a "priority main" oiling system. Many of us in this industry are inclined to use a high-volume oil pump due to history. However, this causes excessive oil to the top of the engine. Restrictors are then used in the lifter galleys to reduce the amount of oil to the top. Modern lifter designs typically have small oiling orifices which restrict the oil reaching the top of the engine. Using a standard -volume oil pump with current lifter designs and the Dart priority-main oiling system eliminates the need for restrictors, simplifying engine assembly and taking the guess work out of oiling system design.



    • Siamesed Cylinders: Standard 4.000" or 4.125" cylinders can be safely bored to 4.185" diameter. Extra-thick walls prevent cracking and produce excellent ring seal.
    • Scalloped Water Jackets: Increase coolant flow around cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life and produce consistent cylinder temperatures.
    • Steel Four-Bolt Main Bearing Caps: Sportsman Blocks have three 4-bolt center caps with splayed outer bolts for maximum strength, Race Blocks feature all five 4-bolt mains, rear cap uses standard 1-piece seal.
    • Stock Components: Provisions for stock motor mounts, accessory drives, smog pumps, starter brackets, oil pans and pumps.
    • Upgraded Oiling System: Has a complete stock-type system plus a low-tension priority main oiling system with front and rear external oil pump feeds.
    • Dual Crossovers: Allow oil flow to be metered with restrictors for roller lifter cams and/or roller rocker arms to reduce oil flow and windage.
    • Reinforced Head Bolt Bosses: Blind tapped to prevent leaks and produce accurate torque readings. Extra-thick decks prevent head gasket leaks.
    • Standard Camshaft and Cam Drive: Standard cam and cam drive can be used. Lifter valley of Sportsman Blocks have provisions for production hydraulic roller lifters.
    • Precision CNC Machining: Ensures consistent high quality and eliminates expensive "blueprinting".

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