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What Are The Top JEGS Inline Fuel Pumps Products?

The most popular JEGS brand inline fuel pump for fuel injection is the 320 LPH model. The next most commonly requested high pressure inline fuel pump is the 67 GPH unit. The fuel injection in-line fuel delivery kit offered in the JEGS brand is the most popular inline fuel pump kit.

How Much Do JEGS Inline Fuel Pumps Cost?

The starting price for a JEGS in line fuel pump is around $90. Depending on the options, the price range increases to around $160 for an inline fuel pump and close to $350 for an inline fuel pump kit.

What Are The Main Benefits of JEGS Inline Fuel Pumps?

The JEGS line of inline fuel pumps are ideal for applications using a fuel cell or drop sump fuel tank, providing an easy way to add an electric fuel pump to your fuel system.

How To Install A JEGS Inline Fuel Pump

The steps for installing a JEGS electric fuel pump will vary depending on the specific model. In most applications, the fuel pump needs to be installed as close to the fuel tank or cell as possible. The height of the fuel pump needs to be located between the top and bottom of the fuel tank for proper siphoning with cushion clamps, which will reduce vibration and pump noise. A pre-filter must also be used, located between the fuel tank and the fuel pump inlet, in order to catch any contaminants that will damage the fuel pump. With the pump and filter installed, the fuel line plumbing and connections can be completed, using the proper style, depending on the pressure going through them to avoid leaks or a fire hazard.