Build your next street or race engine with the best high-quality parts that will provide the power and performance you need. From maintenance and overhaul items like a high-flow oil filter, bearings, and rings, to internal components such as a piston kit, intake and exhaust valve set, or head gasket set, JEGS has everything you need to finish your next engine project.


Shift and drive your car or truck with ease using the best transmission components available from JEGS. Whether you need a torque converter, flexplate, transmission filter, or rebuild kit for your automatic transmission, or a flywheel, master cylinder, slave cylinder, and clutch kit for your manual transmission, we have you covered. Also available are gear sets, shifters, internal components, and everything you need to complete your next transmission project.


Ensure the best possible spark for your engine with a performance ignition coil, spark plug wire set, ignition box, or distributor from JEGS. These critical electrical components help provide improved combustion and fuel burn, which results in more power, improved starting and idle quality, as well as potential fuel savings.