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What Are The Top JEGS Performance Transmissions?

The most popular JEGS brand performance transmissions include the JEGS 700-R4 2WD SBC transmission, JEGS 4L60E performance transmission, and the JEGS TH350 performance transmission. Each of these transmissions are designed for small block Chevy or GM LS-series engines. They can be made to fit other engines using a transmission adapter plate, depending on the application.

How Much Do JEGS Performance Transmissions Cost?

JEGS transmissions range in price from a little over $1100 for a GM TH-350 with Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac Bellhousing to over $3000 For a GM 4L70E overdrive transmission used in 4WD trucks. The price will vary depending on the application and transmission type.

What Are The Main Benefits of JEGS Performance Transmissions?

JEGS brand transmissions are remanufactured from OE specifications with new bands, clutch plates, steel plates, seals, gaskets, and other internal parts. In addition, a performance shift kit is installed to provide firmer and quicker shifting. This adds life to the transmission as well as improves vehicle acceleration.

How To Install JEGS Performance Transmissions

The installation steps to install an automatic transmission will change depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle as well as the engine. The following is a general process for transmission replacement:

  • Remove the original transmission.
  • Safely raise the vehicle high enough to allow room for transmission removal.
  • Drain the transmission fluid from the pan and remove the driveshaft from the transmission and rear axle housing assembly.
  • Disconnect any wiring, fluid cooler line, vacuum line, detent / kick down cable, and shift cable connections.
  • Unbolt the torque converter from the flexplate, transmission mount from the crossmember, and the crossmember from the vehicle frame.
  • Support the bottom of the transmission with a transmission jack or floor jack with a proper size and strength wood block properly placed to avoid damage to the fluid pan or other parts.
  • Remove the transmission bellhousing to engine bolts.
  • Raise the transmission high enough at the rear to allow removal of crossmember.
  • Slowly lower the transmission, making sure there aren't any components that still need disconnected and then remove from the vehicle.
  • Installation is in the reverse order of removal as well as properly filling the transmission fluid and detent/kick down cable adjustment per the instructions.